Enterprise applications that help you and your business succeed

Achieve your company goals

Quickly set employee objectives, monitor their progress, and measure their achievements. Chart the path of your company's future.

Take control of your documents

Easily manage your company's content online. Take control of documents, images, video and audio securely delivered to your mobile device.

Automate your online training

Simplify how you share important information; post content, manage revisions, monitor tests, collect feedback, and so much more.

Simplify your event planning

Effortlessly manage every aspect of your next event, from pre-registration to post-event followup, all from a browser or mobile device.

Atlas developed a complete, custom registration platform for this year's
DAC event; the whole process has never been more streamlined.
We solve problems

TEGG Online Training

Atlas took the TEGG video training material and organized it into an efficient online training course complete with testing and certificates. TEGG now has the ability to generate income from the training package.

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